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New Releases ~ Spirit Of My Ancestors


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  Spirit of my ancestors  
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a Limited Edition
Giclée of this



After the passing of my father, my sister and brother had to go through many rituals in order to stay balanced spiritually, emotionally and physically. One such ceremony took place on a beach in the ocean, where for many generations, my ancestors found themselves in the same place where I stood on that cold winter day. As I looked up, I saw the mist rolling in as the sun broke through. The mist is said to be our ancestors watching over us. As simple as that sounds, I actually felt that to be true on this day. My heart lamented for the voice of my father, yet I some how felt relieved. I could feel the holy ones surrounding me even though my tears and mourning.

I was told I would never be able to come back to this spot, so I remembered as much as I could for this painting. I added the yellow cedar, which means so much to our Native people historically. The stones with markings on them are only found on the West Coast of Vancouver Island and symbolize permanence. A symbol strangely similar to the likeness of our Aboriginal people of Vancouver Island.

About the Original
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas / Image Size: 23.5" x 49" / Created: December 2009

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